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The Payne Stewart Collection has been created to celebrate the life and iconic style of one of golf’s biggest stars and most enduring legends.  Dubbed the “All-Time Best Dressed Golfer,” Payne exuded an unrivaled fashion sense that made him one of the most recognizable figures on the PGA Tour before his untimely death in 1999.  This came months after he had scored an unforgettable victory at Pinehurst Resort, forever etching his name and fist pump celebration into golf history. 

 Our new luxury apparel and accessories collection honors Payne’s style, grace, and influence, which went far beyond his sporting achievements.  We are very pleased to have Aaron Stewart, Payne and Tracey’s 35-year-old son, serve as our brand ambassador.  Aaron is very excited to see his dad’s flair for fashion come to life in the Payne Stewart Collection.

 Two distinct marks are featured on our products: one being the iconic fist pump and the other being Payne Stewart’s signature, which will be used selectively.  The Payne Stewart Collection reflects Payne’s incomparable style while being updated with the latest in design features and moisture-wicking performance fabrics.  The collection crosses generations and style sensibilities which allows customers to experience the fusion of classic elegance and contemporary performance, while celebrating the enduring spirit of one of golf’s brightest lights on and off the course.

The Payne Stewart Collection encompasses a rich assortment of polos, wind vests, quarter zips, packable wind shirts, hats, and will soon feature Payne’s iconic Plus Four pants and trousers, both made with luxury Italian fabrics.  Five-pocket performance pants as well as solid and fist pump print five-pocket shorts, offering versatility and comfort for every occasion, will also be part of the collection.